Monday, February 11, 2013

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Quiz

Good morning parents! Unless students were absent, or the quizzes were unfinished, Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Quizzes are in the gradebook. Most students did well! However, if your child did not, there is an opportunity for a retake. Students should pick up the notes review sheet and practice sheet and return these by 2/14/13. Students can then have another go at the quiz. It will not be the same quiz but will have the same concepts covered. Want a headstart on this lovely Ice Day? I will link the notes and practice page in the math links on the left hand side of the page! Also, be looking for an updated grade print out for math in your child's planner. This will list any missing work or make up work that a student needs to do and turn in. The end of the trimester is coming quickly!!! Again, any student that is missing three or more assignments not due to absences, will receive an academic inactivity detention. Hopefully we can start catching them up there.