Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dance Volunteers Needed

Good Morning!  Sixth grade is sponsoring a fiesta-themed November dance.  The money raised from this dance will be used for academic enrichment activities.  This is a 6th grade dance only.

We need parent volunteers to help at the dance.  Parents are needed to work the concession stand, help with ticket sales, help monitor bathrooms, and provide supervision.  The dance is Friday, November 9th from 2:20 - 4:20pm.  Parent volunteers need to be here by 2:00 and report to the attendance office.  If you can help, send a note in with your child, or e-mail Mr. Bromund at  Let us know if there is a particular job you prefer.

Can't come the day of the dance but still want to help?  We are in need of donations of snacks, baked goods, and beverages to sell at our concession stand.  You can send in home baked items, or individually prepackaged snacks.  As far as beverages, we would like individual portioned things such as Capri Sun, juice boxes, water bottles, etc.  Beverages and prepackaged items should be sent in between Tuesday 11/6 and Thursday 11/8 so we can plan ahead and know if we need to purchase additional drinks.  Homemade or perishable items can be sent in on the day of the dance, Friday, November 9th.

All kids who have a parent volunteer or send in an item will receive an extra pinata raffle ticket!!

Thanks for your help in making our dance a success.